Campervan rental with flexible payment options


With Inbank's hire purchase, you can pay for the campervan rental in several equal installments over a longer period. The first payment is due only a month later.

Benefits of Inbank's hire purchase

Terms of Inbank's hire purchase

Inbank’s hire purchase credit cost rate is 34.85% per annum under the following representative conditions: the immediate payment (net price) is 500 euros, the credit amount is 500 EUR, no initial payment, the contract period is 12 months, a fixed annual interest rate of 11.9% calculated from the purchase amount, a contract fee of 15 EUR, a monthly management fee of 0.9 EUR. The monthly payment is 48.84 EUR, and the total amount of credit and repayments is 586.08 EUR. The creditor is AS Inbank Finance. Before entering into an agreement, carefully review the terms of the proposed contract and consult with an expert if necessary.

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