CEO (Chief Executive Officer)

Vivika manages everything that customers usually don’t see directly but plays an immensely important role in the company’s functioning.

She is both the behind-the-scenes force and the driving force in our small company. Vivika keeps our paperwork and contracts in order, makes big plans, and steers us confidently through various challenges.

With a touch of humor, Vivika likes to say that she is the brains, and the gentleman mentioned below is the muscle, but we don’t use those terms in our job titles, just in case.


Sales Manager / Customer Relationship Manager

Jussi directly handles your needs, discussing vehicles, introducing their features, processing rental agreements, and coordinating all common and sometimes special terms for vehicle rentals or purchase/sale transactions. He also provides support throughout the entire rental period.

Among other responsibilities, Jussi ensures that the vehicles are impeccably prepared for you and takes care of warranty and after-sales service, where fortunately, there are few concerns.

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