Weinsberg Carasuite 650MH

Price List


min. 5 Days

5-7 Days 150€/day
8-16 Days 140€/day
16+ Days 130€/day


min. 3 Days

3-7 Days 130€/day
8-16 Days 130€/day
16+ Days 130€/day

Vehicle Description

The vehicle is well-suited for five but provides sleeping space for up to six people with three wide 2-person beds. It features what is known as a “French layout,” with a double bed along one side of the vehicle in the rear, and on the other side, there’s a spacious shower room and toilet. A pull-out curtain in front of the bed creates an extremely cozy nest for relaxing with a companion in the evening and spending the night.

In the middle of the vehicle, there’s a wide ceiling-mounted bed that is comfortably spacious compared to many others of its kind, and it doesn’t hinder movement through the vehicle or the entrance to the living area in the slightest. By lowering the table in the living area and rearranging cushions, a relatively large bed is also created from the seating area. The vehicle comes equipped with all the necessary kitchen and dining accessories.

For a vacation, we allow a well-behaved family pet to accompany you, provided it doesn’t have a habit of damaging its surroundings.

Technical Specifications and Equipment

  • Weinsberg Carasuite 650 MF
  • Base – Fiat Ducato 120
  • Build year 2020
  • Manual transmission
  • Driver’s license required: B category
  • Engine power: 88 KW (+Tuningbox)
  • Length/height/width 6,99/2,95/2,3
  • Water tank  118L
  • Wastewater tank 100L
  • Heating and warm water Truma Combi 6 (6000w gas heating and water boiler)
  • Cruise control
  • Cabin air conditioning
  • Traction control
  • Power windows and mirrors in the cabin
  • Rearview camera                                                         
  • Central locking for cabin doors
  • Thermal blinds and insect screens on all living area windows and hatches
  • Combined shower and toilet
  • Chemical WC Dometic
  • Sink in the bathroom and kitchen
  • Three-mode refrigerator with freezer
  • 3-burner gas stove
  • USB sockets in the living area
  • 230V sockets in the living area (3 pcs)
  • 12V sockets in the living area (1 pc)

Installed additional equipment

  • 24“ Android Smart TV
  • Maxview 4G/WiFi router for unlimited internet across Europe
  • Bicycle rack for 4 bikes
  • Awning
  • Charging amplifier
  • 2.5kw Pure Sinus inverter
  • Trailer hitch
  • Side-mounted barbecue gas outlet
  • Solar panels

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