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Across Car retailer in Estonia

Across-Car brings nearly 30 years of experience to this field. What sets Across-Car apart is their courage to think outside the box and not be confined to traditional solutions. They strive to understand each customer’s needs individually and make use of all available space optimally, ensuring maximum functionality and spaciousness with minimal external dimensions.

Given the geographical peculiarities of Southern Europe, small external dimensions are crucial for them. This ensures convenient and safe access and passage even in tight spaces.

Referring to individuality, customers have the opportunity to design a layout and interior that suits them, whether it’s a caravan or a campervan. “Custom” work is not unfamiliar to Across-Car, whether it’s a team vehicle with a large garage for even a car or motorcycle and team spaces with basic campervan functionality, or a campervan or caravan designed for individuals with reduced mobility, ensuring both accessibility and fully independent use for wheelchair users.

However, delving into the realm of compact dimensions, it must be acknowledged that Across-Car’s compact-class campervans have enchanted the hearts of many customers in Southern Europe. The weight factor cannot be overlooked, and it’s worth mentioning that lightweight caravans with a 750kg total mass are also extremely popular in the domestic market. These caravans, depending on the model, can accommodate up to 5 people and are equipped with modern heating systems, a fully functional kitchen, and a shower and toilet—a rarity in this weight category.

Across-Car is most prominently represented in Southern Europe, with a significant portion of its production also being exported to Asian countries and the United Kingdom.

Across-Car doesn’t define itself as a premium-class campervan and caravan manufacturer. Instead, it emphasizes customer orientation, simplicity, and functionality, making Across-Car’s product prices highly competitive. Quality is not compromised despite the competitive pricing. Regardless of the competitive price, Across-Car has maintained a very high level of build quality.

The brand’s strongest points lie in the ability to modify and create numerous options for customers, thus catering to the specific needs of each individual.

Weinsberg Carasuite 650MH

It's what is commonly known as the "French layout," featuring a double bed along one side of the vehicle at the rear, and on the other side, there's a spacious shower room and toilet.

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