Explore the benefits of the family card: 10% discount and a new compact campervan!

What is the family card

The family card is a discount card for Estonian families with three or more children. As a family cardholder, you can benefit from various services and products on more favorable terms than usual. It includes discounted prices, promotional offers, and other additional benefits for families with at least three children. The discount is applicable only upon presenting a valid family card for the family members whose names are listed on the card.

perekaart soodustuse rakendamiseks

Benefits of the family card for large families

Throughout our years of operation, we have consistently offered discounts through the family card for large families, and we will continue to do so. Upon presenting the family card, a 10% discount is applied to both the campervan rental and any additional equipment that may be rented for the rental period.

Families favorite 7-seater McLouis Glamys 322

So far, the favorite among families with children has been our 7-seater McLouis Glamys 322, which is extremely spacious and practical.

New 6-seater Across Car Compact 586 LD

Starting from the new year, we also offer a compact 6-seater Across Car Compact 586 LD. It is only 6 meters long and 2.7 meters high, providing excellent maneuverability and ensuring access to places that are not typically accessible with a conventional campervan.

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