RV House sponsors: Ruut Motosport

McLouis Glamys 322 and owner of the cup Kristo Ruut


The saying goes, “those who try, desire more.” Similarly, it was with the Ruut Motosport team when they tried using our campervan for going to competitions. The feedback was very positive, and the team was extremely satisfied, describing it as “an extremely comfortable option for attending competitions.”

As their team was seeking sponsors and sponsorship was also requested from us, we decided to provide them with the use of our comfortable campervan for this season. This was done to ensure that traveling to and staying at the competitions would be as enjoyable and comfortable as possible for the team.

During the races, the campervan serves as a second home for the team, equipped with all the necessities for living comfortably, allowing them to feel well-rested and refreshed to face the races each day.

Ruut motosport

Ruut Motorsport is a drift team, whose car bends sideways on the asphalt thanks to the excellent pilot Kristo Ruut.

The journey with drifting began in 2022 when we immediately participated in the entire season, including events in both Estonia and Latvia. I had been watching drifting for years and contemplating to drive, but there was always some obstacle. I approached the season completely unaware, not knowing anything about how or what drifting involves. With a short period of time, numerous training sessions, and determination, I managed to finish the first season ranked 11th overall.

What is drifting and its competitions?

Drifting is a driving technique where the driver intentionally induces oversteer to make the vehicle slide sideways. Drifting, as a competition, is a motorsport discipline where cars compete by drifting on a pre-defined course (such as a racetrack, closed road section, or other marked track). Points are awarded, determining the overall winner of the respective class by the end of the season.

The competition consists of three parts – practice, qualification, and tandem battles. Points are awarded based on driving style, angle of the drift, maintaining drift throughout the course, and how closely the car follows the marked points on the track.

If you’re also looking for an opportunity to make your experience of participating in races more enjoyable and hassle-free, then you’re in the right place! Explore our camper vans and their pricing, and enjoy attending races with a new level of convenience.

Keep an eye on Ruut Motosport’s activities on social media as well.

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